3mm Belcher Chain - 18K Gold3mm Belcher Chain - 18K Gold
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3mm Belcher Chain - 18K Gold

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3mm Belcher Chain - Silver3mm Belcher Chain - Silver
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3mm Belcher Chain - Silver

£22.40 £32

How To Style Your Belcher Necklace

Whether you choose a gold or a minialistic silver finish, belcher chains create a versatile and effortlessly fresh look, perfect for a weekend with the boys or a date night with your girl.

Add a NORVEI pendant or stack with other NORVEI chain necklaces for a polished and coordinated look.

How To Care For Your Belcher Chains

Superior protection and a long-lasting brilliance are ensured in all of our iconic belcher chains by using premium stainless steel components and advanced PVD coating. Because each link is skillfully made to offer both style and durability, our belcher chain necklaces are a classic addition to any collection.

To ensure your chain keeps its durability and shine over time, keep your belcher chains out of the sun, avoid exposing them to strong chemicals, and clean them on a regular basis with a gentle cloth. Take care while handling hard surfaces to avoid scratches, and check it for damage on a regular basis.

Learn more about NORVEI and our processes here.

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