NORVEI was created because of our passion and love for jewellery, a simple necklace can not only shape an outfit, it can shape your whole persona.
But the search for quality and durability in a saturated market is never easy. That is why we put together a team to design and create hand made jewellery which is a cut above the rest, made to last, using premium materials.


Jewellery in the past and today was/is created to represent the status of an individuals wealth, but here at NORVEI we believe jewellery is more than just a symbolisation of some ones success. Jewellery for us is a way of expressing confidence, self respect and pride, be yourself, stay humble. 


We will remain to create premium quality jewellery without the premium price tag. Offering all individuals the same opportunity. We believe in equality and NORVEI jewellery is a symbol of that. 

Our customers are the centre of everything we do. We thank you all for supporting us and if there is ever anything you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at: