2.5mm Franco Chain - Silver2.5mm Franco Chain - Silver
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2.5mm Franco Chain - Silver

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2.5mm Franco Chain - 18K Gold2.5mm Franco Chain - 18K Gold
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2.5mm Franco Chain - 18K Gold

£22.40 £32

How to Style Your Franco Chain

Explicitly stylish, our Franco chains showcase their unique and renowned serpentine design through fine craftsmanship. NORVEI’s Franco Chains can turn heads when worn alone and take your vibe to the next level when paired with one of our premium pendants.

Italian in heritage, exceptional in design.

Caring For Your Franco Chain

Made from stainless steel and having undergone a meticulous PVD coating process, our Franco Chains require minimal care. A damp cloth without harsh chemicals can relieve the metal of any dirt, and being stored in a dry place without direct sunlight ensures long-lasting durability.

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